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Acoustic Wall Covering

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Our History
We are a professional acoustic manufacture to produce ranges of polyester fiber acoustic board with international advanced equipment and technology. Since 2011, we have established its own production base in Suzhou, mainly for European / North America / Australian / Middle East / Southeast Asian markets. The products are mainaly exported. With the continuons development of domestic economy, people’s pursuit of quality of life is becoming more and more high, especially for the pursuit of acoustic environment. Under this situation, JIANGSU TH-STAR ACOUSTIC MATERIAL CO., LTD. relying on its own technical and equipment advantages, adheres to the purpose of producing a high quality polyester fiber acoustic panel and continuously providing comfortable living acoustics environment for customers. Culvert sound is built into a Benchmarking brand in the industry.

All the products of the company have passed the SGS certification of the internation inspection agency, including the grade E0 of ECO-Friendly and the B1 grade of the flame retardant grade.
The PET Acoustic Panel is highly recyclable and uses post-consumer waste sourced from recycled #PET bottles to create a superior material, essentially meaning # PET Acoustic Panel is a prime product of upcycling.

Acoustic Wall Covering

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