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buy Tin Storage Containers For Tea

  • Категория проекта: Новое предприятие
  • Стадия реализации: Маркетинговое исследование
  • Телефон контактный: +7 (867) 558-98-89
  • Страна: Азербайджан
  • Населенный пункт: Annalong
  • Добавлено: 23.07.2019 09:15
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Our History
Sheng Tai Tin Box Manufacturing Co., Ltd is such a professional manufacturer which specialized in tin box packaging. Our mission is «Provide the best tin box packaging solution as customer’s requirement. »

Our factory established in 2005,located in Qingyuan, China, currently employ 500 well-trained workers and set up 10 automated production line. In order to help the customer to achieve the best packaging solution, we can provide services include designing, tooling set up, printing, manufacturing, co-packing, and delivery.

No matter you are looking for a standard item or something new, we can help you to achieve, even it’s only an idea. Contact us, let’s make it!
Our Factory

Our Product
Food packaging tins: biscuit tin, cookie tins, tea tins, candy tins, tins of chocolates, coffee tin, popcorn tins, mint tin.

Holiday tins: Christmas tins, Easter Tins, Valentine Tins.

Tin gifts / promotional tins: tin lunch boxes, slide tin, metal bucket, tin signs, tin coasters, tin badge, tin tray, music tin box, tin ashtray, fridge magnets.

Stationery tin: tin pencil box, metal coin box, CD packaging / DVD packaging.

Others: wine tin, cigarette tin, metal cosmetic tins, aluminum box, tin storage box, candle tins, wax tin, tissue box, burner covers.

Box in shape: small tin box, round tin box, rectangular tin box, square tin box, oval tin, octagon tin, heart shaped tin, ball tin.
Product Application
Food Packaging tins
Holiday tinsTin
gifts / promotional tins
Wine Package
Stationery Tin
Household Use
Cigarette Package
Cosmetic Package
Toy And Game Package
Aluminum Box
Food Packaging tins
Holiday tins

Our Certificate
Production Equipment
12 years experience
30,000 square meters plant
10 automated production line
150 modernized punching equipments
500 well-trained workers
5 million capacity per month
1000 existing mould
Production Market
1. 12 years experience
2. 30,000 square meters plant
3. 10 automated production line and 150 modernized punching equipments
4. 500 well-trained workers, 5 million capacity per month and 1000 existing mould
Our servicebuy Tin Storage Containers For Tea

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