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China Animal Feed Pellet Line

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Animal Feed Pellet Line were full animal feed production line including crusher,mixer,pelleting machine and cooler,packing machine in full automatic processing line.

Processing of Pellet Production
1 Hammer mill Crushing raw material into small sawdust 3-5mm
2 Mixer Mixing feed material
3 Conveyor Delivery material to silo
4 Silo Storage material
5 Dryer Machine Drying material make humidity at 10-15%
6 Pellet Machine Convert sawdust into Pellets
7 Cooling Cooling pellets,before packing
8 Packing Machine Packing pellet into bag, to sell or storage.

Raw Material
1. Animal feed,waste crop, rice husk,straw, grass etc. biological fertilizer, animal manure
2. Moisture required: 10-15%
3. Size:3-5 mm

Final Pellet
The Pellet Diameter is Dia 2.5mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, etc,At option.

How to choose die when you buy our Pellet Machine?
A. Generally speaking, to feed scorpion, bird, chicken, fish, die with 3mm is suggested. To feed duck, goose, big fish, laying hen, die with 4mm is suggested. to breed pig, cow, sheep, horse, etc die with 5mm hole is suggested.
B. Feed pellets surface made from this pellet machine has smooth surface, uniform and moderate in hardness. If you want different pellets with different size, then pellet machine are should installed with different die holes. The pore size is divided into ф3, ф3.5, ф4, ф5, ф6, ф 8, ф9, ф10, etc. Wait. When ordering, users can choose according to the needs of different growing seasons of farmed animals. The feed has a low temperature rise during processing and can better maintain various nutrients in the raw materials.

C. During the production process, under the pressure of the machine itself, the starch in the feed can be matured to a certain degree, and a rich aroma is produced, and the texture of the feed is hard, which is consistent with the characteristics of the pig, cow and sheep. The palatability of the feed is easy to eat.
D. Through the crushing can kill the common pathogenic microorganisms, parasites. As the feed is dried and dried, the water content is very low, which is more convenient for storage. The use of granular feed saves time and effort, prevents the occurrence of some diseases, improves the utilization rate of feed, and thus obtains higher economic benefits.
E. Can be equipped with flat grinding discs of different caliber, to achieve a multi-purpose machine, more economical and efficient.

Request for Offer
In order to get fast reply and offer ,pls tell us below information
1.Raw material ,and size mm
2.Moisture content of raw material %
3.Final size mm
4.Local Voltage .V/HZ ?
5.Other special requirement on machine
6.Your nearest seaport .
This information help us get totally your need,and give you the right offer in short time.

What We Do
With Rich Experience on Biomass pellet plant ,and wood briquette charcoal production plant.
Supplying Crusher ,Dryer,Mixer for prepare mushroom substrate for mushroom cultivation.
Offering Bagging machine for filling bag for growing mushroom.
Guiding for Recycle processing waste mushroom compost substrate ,To make mushroom compost into Wood Pellet,and Wood Charcoal .Make waste into value.
If have have waste wood ,if you want make money from waste,Welcome contact us .
We not only offering machine,also have technical support,turn-key service on project plan.
China Animal Feed Pellet Line

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