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China SMD IC Mounter manufacturers

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Our Factory
SMT Assembly Equipment Manufacturer
Yueqing Qihe Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise,specializing in pick and place machine.At present,our main product is full-auto vision pick and place machine.Its noteworthy feature is multiple placement heads and cameras,and playing leading role in this industry.
We do produce small desktop PnP machine,benchtop PnP machine and vertical type PnP machine.All of them are widely applied for all levels of electronics PCB assembly and LED bulb making.
Everyday millions of SMT SMD components are mounted by we QIHE pick and place machines,from prototyping and small batch production to high-volume production.Using QIHE pick and place machine, you will find smooth production,top technical support and fast payback.
Especially our small desktop PnP machine TVM802 series is very popular in both domestic market and oversea market.We did develop agents in some countries and regions in the past years.We are still searching for suitable agents to expand our sales all over the world.If you are interested,please feel free to contact us for more information.Our mission is to make SMT electronics assembly much more profitable.
Anyhow,experienced expert researching team,strict quality inspection system and professional sales insure you getting advanced technology,reliable quality and perfect after-sales service from us.
In additional,we can provide you professional SMT production solution.We do also supply automatic solder cream mixer, stencil printer,conveyor,and reflow oven besides pick and place machine.
So what you can get from us?
1.You can get full SMT solution.
2.You can get suggestion on SMT production line setup.
3. You can get professional tech service about SMT.
QIHE pick and place machine aims for easy assembly,accurate and reliable placement of SMT components. So smooth production and fast payback can be achieved.
Our Product: Pick and place machine/Stencil printer/Reflow Oven/Feeder/Solder paste mix machine
Product Application:SMT SMD components assembly/Electronic PCB assembly/Led tube making
Our Certificate:CE
Production Equipment:CNC machine center/Plastic injection machine/Linear cutting
Production Market:
Our pick and place machine have already exported nearly 50 countries,and also developed some agents from different regions.Especially,our products are very popular in Germany,Russia,India,etc.
Our Service:Timely professional services can be offered both before-sales and after-sales.China SMD IC Mounter manufacturers

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