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Corrosion Resistance Wire Mesh price

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Our History
1997-2000: From Hebei to Foshan Shiwan Open screen shop, mainly to retail mainly.
2001-2005: Officially become Guangdong Buddhist Group Shiwan Jianguo Ceramics Factory and acid-resistant ceramics factory and other enterprise suppliers, set up and registered Foshan Shancheng Gingbo Ling Sieve Network operating department.
2005-2008: Focus on the sale of ceramic industry screening and filtration with 304 stainless steel screen and sub-sample sieve, etc., the product is adopted by some enterprises.
2008: Kimbo Ling Sieve network by Foshan Eagle Brand Group Co., Ltd. was selected as a high-quality supplier.
2011: successfully and Guangdong New Pearl Ceramics Group (subordinate 6 factories) signed up to become the only designated supplier of enterprise screen
2012: Successful registration of trademarks
2013: Products by many ceramics and chemical plastics industry selection, sales performance stable cloth promotion.
2014: The establishment of Guangdong Shunde branch is mainly engaged in e-commerce and export business,
2015: Home Township Hebei Anping Investment and construction of screen factory, the purchase of domestic and foreign advanced network equipment more than 80 units, product production and quality has been further improved
2016: Established Hebei aerial Mau Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd., wire mesh products extended to fencing protection and engineering installation, and won the bid for a number of highways and high-iron fence mesh projects
2017.3: Factory successfully passed the ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management system certification, and successfully registered trademarks
2018.1: Zen Chengnanzhuang Zhuang Avenue warehouse Screen Exhibition hall opening, product positioning: high-quality, factory prices, and set up Foshan New Gold Boling Screen Co., Ltd. E-commerce and export department has with Guangzhou Sen big Trade and Ke da Electrical and mechanical signing, screen products are exported to Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia
Our Factory
Main production and business of metal mesh and related screen products, Our production equipment all USES the international advanced numerical control rapier and the sword belt loom, ensure product of high quality. The factory took the lead in the same industry through ISO9001 quality certification. Factory products have developed to more than a dozen series, thousands of specifications, it can produce 1-mesh -635 mesh square hole stainless steel mesh, the most dense to 2800 mesh. It is widely used in building ceramics, civil window screen, petrochemical industry, aerospace, medicine and food and other fields. Committed to meeting customers’ personalized and potential research and design requirement, The stainless steel mesh specially Research for ceramic enterprises has good toughness, no broken wires and cracks, thus greatly improving the superior rate of products. Products have been numerous large ceramic enterprises at home and abroad procurement, the new research and development of special alloy network is also used by many gas companies. Since the establishment of factory, persisting in the technical innovation, revitalize enterprises by quality to create a first-class screen manufacturing enterprises.
Our Product
stainless steel mesh for filtering,Stainless steel printing mesh,Dutch woven wire mesh,Punching wire mesh,Expanded metal mesh,Crimped wire mesh
Product Application
It is widely used in building ceramics, civil window screen, petrochemical industry, aerospace, medicine and food and other fields.
Our Certificate

Production Equipment
At present, the factory has more than 80 sets of network equipment, adhere to lean management in production, to meet the needs of customers.
Our Service
Foshan, guangdong has a direct warehouse and after-sales service department, with stock, close to the airport, high-speed railway station, port, etc., to facilitate customer visits, product transportation, to meet customer needs.
Corrosion Resistance Wire Mesh price

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