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Tin-plated wire

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Company Profile
Dongguan LingKang Wire & Cable CO.,Ltd.Was founded in 2009,it is professional in producing Tinsel Wire and Speaker Wire Manufacturer in China, has been specializing in designing and developing Medical Cable, Multimedia Cable and Acoustic Cable conductor more than 1000 types. We provide various Medical Cables conductor, such as ECG Cable, EKG Wire, EEG Wire and Flat Ribbon Cable, all with superior quality and competitive price.Customization service are available for Tinsel Wire, Speaker Lead Wire, Headphone Wire, Speaker wire, Enamel Wire,etc. All produced under management system of ISO9001 and ISO14001.All of materials in LingKang are 100% Green Materials compliant with European Union guidelines of RoHS.
LingKang has a variety of modern mechanical equipment, such as: WORLD B.C rolling machine from Korean、Foil laminating machine from Japan and China、Coil winding machine、braiding machine 、Wire-Stranding machine、Back-twist machine and others. We have well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production enable to guarantee all customers’ satisfaction.

In all the years, with its service concepts: “customer loyalty to the people, professional devotion to the people, in collaboration with a sincere and enthusiasm heart.” LingKang always work on the technological improvement and product innovation to satisfy the clients and fit for the competitive market. We already have lots of patented product design, in addition, we strive for perfection in product quality and customer service continues to expand the market all the time.

We warmly welcome customers all around the world to visit our factory and build up the mutual, friendly cooperation relationship in the future. If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to contact with us.
Our Product
1、Tinsel Wire
2、Copper Stranded Wire
3、Enameled Copper Wire
4、Speaker Lead Wire
5、Nichrome Wire
1、Medical applications :ECG Cable,EKG Wire,bio-feedback, muscle stimulation,EEG Wire,SpO2 Sensor cable,and drug delivery systems.etc.
2、Automotive cable : Automobile charging posts/piles cable
3、Aviation cable
4、Special cable
5、Speaker cable
6、Audio cable/telephony :headsets and telephone handsets
7、High-end Headphone/Earphone cable/cord
8、High temperature cable
9、High Frequency cable
10、Low-Noise cable
11、Robotics cable
12、Shielded cable
13、Ultrasound Coaxial cable
14、Industrial cable
15、Photovoltaic cable
16、Power cords for small appliances :electric shavers or clocks
17、Wearable electronics and e-textiles
18、Flat Ribbon Cable
19、Nichrome wire :Heating Pad wire
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
WORLD B.C rolling machine from Korean、Foil laminating machine from Japan and China、Coil winding machine、Braiding machine 、Wire-Stranding machine、Back-twist machine .etc.
Our service
Before sale:As required to provide the detailed product information, customized products according to customer’s requirement to produce sample, when customer don’t confirm the product spec, to give technical Suggestions, to meet customer demand,Ready for all of work to sale.
In Sale:To ensure product quality,Any question contact with customers in time.
After sale:Follow up the product quality and use condition during the valid period, to do a service of high quality , Keep contact with customers.
Tin-plated wire

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