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Water Filter manufacturers

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Polypropylene filter cartridge
The P1000 Polypropylene filter cartridge is a replacement filter for PF-201 Polypropylene purifier. And it selects PP initially filter the water quality such as some large particles of impurities and sediments.
鈼?nbsp;Quick Details
— Type: Replacement filter for PF-201
— Model number: P1000
— Place of origin: Taiwan
— Brand name: Chanson Waters
— Material: P.P. fiber
The P1000 choose PP initially filters the water quality such as solid precipitate. Then, it can protect the filter from clogging and maintain normal operation.
Life spent
About six months (It will be adjusted according to the water quality of various regions.)
鈼?Filter life:
To guarantee the best drinking water quality, the filter should be substituted every year or 8000 liters (the replacement time may vary owing to the source water quality of different regions.)
Q: Are you a manufacture or trading company?
A: We are a manufacture company.
Q: Do you accept OEM?
A: Yes, but MOQ of 500 is required and customization fees are applied.
Q: How can I get the quotation of filter cartridges?
A: Please contact your nearest sales agent.Water Filter manufacturers

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