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Cable Making Machine

  • Категория проекта: Функционирующий бизнес - развитие продукта
  • Стадия реализации: Маркетинговое исследование
  • Телефон контактный: +7 (225) 225-85-28
  • Страна: Белоруссия
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  • Добавлено: 18.03.2019 07:59
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Premise cable making machine used to extruding sheath for simplex, duplex, premise cable (no more than 24 cores), multi- core distribution cable, cable jacket material can be PVC, LSHF etc.
Feature of distribution cable making machine
Machine high automized, adopt PLC with IPC control, machine easy to operate, also can achieve remote monitoring function.
Each type cable production data can be recorded which convenient for machine operation.
Extrusion line has very low production waste.
Payoff, capstan and take up tension very stable, production line speed very quickly.
Machine has long lifetime.
Production line automatic stop when any fault happens.

Main data for simplex duplex cable sheathing line
Distribution cable extruder machine elevation
Distribution cable making line produce such following cable.
1. High flexibility round simplex cable
1. Small size with high tensile resistance and bending property.
2. Good oil resistance, friction resistance, environment properties.
3. The cable cam used as emergency cable in outdoor and indoor environment.
4. It can match many kinds of clamps by aerial up to 50m.
2. Indoor Module Riser Cable
1. High fiber intensity, up to 144 cores
2. The module unit is very soft enough to peel the sheath only by hand. And it owns smaller bending radius than PBT loose tube.
3. The cable is applied in indoor vertical duct and the module unit can be picked out of unit freely wherever needed by opening window on the outer sheath.
3. Spiral Steel Armored Round Cable
1. High mechanical performance.
2. Rodent resistant.
3. The cable is used in outdoor and indoor access network through duct from optical network terminal to drop point and even used as distribution for villa and cottage.Cable Making Machine

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