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China Basin Mold manufacturers

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Washing Basin Mould
Part SizePer sample or part drawing
Surface FinishPolishing or texture
Part MaterialPP+TPR
Mold cavitySingle cavity or multi-cavities
Mold SteelP20,718
Mold steel treatment wayHeat treatment
Mold TypeHot runner or cold runner
Mold life0.8million shots
1st. Test mold time45days
Mold drop wayEjector pins
PackageSpraying the anti-rust agent and oil mix with butter outside of the mold, then covering the PE film and put it in the wooden case.
TPR is soft flexible raw material, so usually making foldable products with PP and TPR.
This is two shot injection mould, first we will produce the PP part, then put the PP part in the another mould to produce the TPR part after shrink.
Making this kind of moulds, there may be below problems
1. The fitment is not good after put the PP part in the second mould, the TPR flashes appear after injection.
2. The TPR part is shot weight, difficult to full filling.
3. There is air trapping in basin part.
So once we get the feet basin sample, we need to calculate how to make the TPR mould, TPR part is unfolding or folding to make, and choose where is injection gate and how many points are easier to injection.
Since we need to put the PP part in the TPR mould after injection, so no need to add the mould shrinkage in the TPR mould, add the ejection pins or ejector blades to let air be out of the part.
At the same time, we also make this kind of over moulding mould for bowls, folding dustbin, folding flowerpot etc.
Q1: Are all raw material suitable for doing the over molding mould ?
A: No, not all. It depends on which raw material can be joined together, such as PP+PP, PS+PS, PP+TPR, ABS+TPR, PC+TPR etc.
Q2: The quality is same between the foldable feet bath tube basin by over moulding mold technology and two color machine?
A: Quality is different, but all looks good, depending on the budget of client and the machines, some clients only have the normal injection machine, then only can do the over moulding mold to get the two color products;
Welcome to send mould inquires for foldable feet bath tube basin mould and other injection mold.China Basin Mold manufacturers

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