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concrete drum mixer for sale

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Mixing system
Roller capacity of 4.8 cubic meters. Capacity: 3.5 cubic meters/hour. The mixing unit is slewing hydraulically
thought 270 for high discharge over 1.8m to the four sides of the vehicle.
Production capacityUp to 4 cans per hour
engineYuchai YC4A115Z-T20, water-cooled, 4-cylinder. 2200 speed / min, rated power 85KW.
transfer methodThe hydraulic pump and the hydraulic motor are connected to the splitter.
speedWorking speed low speed 0 — 9 km / h, high speed 0 — 20 km / h.
Driving seatFront cab side loading shovel. Prevent objects from falling
Hydraulic systemHydraulic system, closed loop for roller agitation. The hydraulic system is used for machine walking.
Mixing part of the hydraulic system is the world famous brands, walking part of the hydraulic system
is the country’s largest manufacturer.
JoystickA four-way hydraulic pilot with an electric control button controls the full hydraulic function of the bucket.
Bucket600 liters, hydraulic gate.
ChuteRotation and hydraulic adjustment angle. Equipped with two removable pin to increase the discharge height.
water supply systemSelf-priming hydraulic drive water pump, high pressure washing machine.
brakeWet brakes, differential lock function bridge. Double independent loop.
TiresEngineering tires 16 / 70-20.
Power Systems24 volts.
Water tank2x380 liters. Diesel tank: 100 liters. Hydraulic tank: 125 liters.
weight8800kg, the average distribution in the two axles.
DimensionsLong: 7.136 meters wide: 2.440 meters high: 3.356 meters. Wheelbase 2.3m
MeteringElectronic weighing system and water meter.
Product Features
Italy leading design,automatic feeding mixing system
Simple and convenient operation
High efficiency output ,save time and effort,cost saving
Mixing tanker and loading vehicle combo perfect combination
Warranty 12 months,perfect after-sales serviceSpecifications:
Diesel engine
Model: YN27GBZ
Total displacement cylinder number: 2700ml—4 cylinder inline
Injection: Direct injection ,mechanical control
Cooling system: Water—cooling,Dry air filter
Max power: 55kw (75 hp)
Max torque: 237nm@2000 r minute
Electrical system
Alternator: 28V—500WA (18A)
Battery: 2*12V—60AH (272A)
Road Lighting System
Steering System:
2 wheel steering, the steering is assisted by a double displacement load-sensing power steering system on 2 steering wheels
4*4 Four-wheel drive
Hydraulic torque converter,open hydraulic gear pump,reverse gear control device.Control «working speed»and «moving speed»
2 forward gears 2 reverse gears
The first gear: 0—7kmhour 0—7kmhour
The second gear: 7—20kmhour 7—20kmhour
Axle And Tires
Front axle, steering ,Isuzu Axle,the axle is equipped with a planet reduction gear
Rear axle ,Swing ( ± 28° ) , the axle is equipped with a planet reduction gear
Tyre: …12-16.5-12PR, max load: 2540kg,450kPa, RIM:9 75
The internal hub-type travel brakes and emergency brakes act on 4 wheels,using a small servo pump on the dual loop.Negative pressure type parking brake, the front axle is equipped with an internal hub.
Water Supply System
«Self-priming» 24v large capacity pump,with fast absorption function.
Max flow: …………90Lminute
Total capacity of a water tank: …………175L
The water intake of the cylinder is controlled by the electromagnetic flow meter and the water intake reading on the display screen of the operating water
Sit on the side of the driver’s seat to enable the pump
Equipped with high pressure pump to flush vehicle
Mixing And Unloading:
Double cone cylinder with double spiral stirring screw and middle convex bottom
Drum geometric capacity: ……….2200L
Drum rotation speed: ……….15rminute
Concrete Production: ……….1.0cbmtank
The rotation of the roller is achieved by the cycloidal hydraulic motor of the open circuit of the gear pump
The unload chute is tilted by a manually adjustable handle
Removable chute can be guaranteed to be unloaded directly through the hopper
As a standard configuration , 1 chute extension is provided
Removable chute can be guaranteed to be unloaded directly through the hopper
As a standard configuration , 2 chute extensions are provided
Gaby Zhang
Jining Rising-sun Business Machine Co.,LTD.
concrete drum mixer for sale

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