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Hot Rolled Non Woven Fabric factory

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non woven fabric cloth are gradually being used in a wide range of life because of their light, soft and easy-to-use characteristics and low cost. Many people like to buy non-woven fabrics as materials for clothing and other items, which is very popular.
As the most professional non-woven fabric supplier, the fabric we supply is hot-rolled non woven fabric cloth, which is divided into nylon and polyester. You can order different materials as needed. Moreover, we have different weights and three different levels of touch to choose from. We are committed to providing you with the most comprehensive service and the most comprehensive range of products.

Why buy nonwoven polyester fabric from us?
Virgin grade nonwoven polyester fabric
Ability to provide a sample within 30 days
Production and shipment of your order within four to six weeks
Extensive experience in developing nonwoven polyester fabric
Unsurpassed customer service
A fully capable manufacturing facility located in huzhou changxin, china
Question and answer:
Q:The price of these fabrics
A:According to your order amount, size, specifications and weight, we will give you the corresponding affordable offer.
Q:What are these white non woven fabric mainly used for?
A:White non-woven fabrics have many uses, similar to clothing, home, medical and DIY.Hot Rolled Non Woven Fabric factory

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