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Paper-industry Chemicals suppliers

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Powder synergist generally refers to a type of substance that does not have a certain specific activity or has a low activity, but when mixed with a substance with such an activity, it can greatly improve the performance of the active substance.
Powdery synergist can improve production efficiency. In order to increase the dewatering speed of the wet end of the paper machine and speed up the evaporation of water in the dry part, filter aids can be added to improve production efficiency. In order to make the pulp dyed evenly and firmly, a mordant and dispersant can be added. When rosin gum sizing agent, adding synergist can improve the sizing effect. Furthermore, recycled waste paper contains ink and other substances, and waste paper deinking agent can be added to produce pure pulp.
Improving quality gives paper special properties. For example, cement bag paper requires high strength and good air permeability, and the beating degree cannot be high when beating. In order to improve the strength of paper, dry strength agents are often added. Napkins and paper towels need to be as soft as cotton. Wiping can’t fluff, and paper softener will be added. The anti-rust paper treated with anti-rust agent will not corrode the product when used as metal product packaging.
Reduce waste and save raw material consumption. For example, adding retention aids and flocculants to pulp can increase the retention rate of fillers and fine fibers, reduce losses, save raw materials, and reduce wastewater pollution.
Remove production barriers
In the summer, the mud usually exists in the mud tank, net trough or white water pipe system and rots, which brings obstacles to production. Now there are various high-efficiency, low-toxicity, self-decomposing preservatives, which can sterilize and prevent corrosion without causing pollution.
If the pulp is not washed clean and mixed with air, foam and floating pulp will be produced, which is harmful to the quality and operation of the paper. In order to eliminate the hazard of foam, defoamers and deaerators can be used.Paper-industry Chemicals suppliers

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