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Steel Ball Mould Made in China

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Made of special metal materials, the mould is used to produce balls with the chilling forming technology.
Metal mold specifications
Four balls50mmTen balls15mm
70mmEight balls25mm
100mmSix balls50mm
120mmThree balls140mm
We also could manufacture according to customers requirement.
Brief introduction
Grinding media ball mold is used to manufacture casting and grinding media ball. It is made up of two parts: one is the body of the mold, the material is ordinary cast iron; the other is the ball core, the material is high silicon heat-resistant cast iron. The same type of the ball core can be interchanged at will, and the ball core can be replaced after wear. The ball core can use up to 3000 times more.
1. Mould without ball core (25-120mm)
2. Mould with ball core (40-150mm)
The pictures of the above mentioned mould with ball core (also called ball bowl):
These moulds you can see are composed of the ball bowl and the body of the mould, the mould can be used for about 3000 times (GOOD MAINTANCE) before replacing the new ball bowl.
1. It adopts shock chilling method, which not only improve the hardness of grinding balls; make grain refinement but also make the same hardness for inner and surface. It improves the grinding balls wear resistant property.
2. Efficiency is high; usage cost is low. Get highly speak of from customers. Fully use the iron water (average 75% above), high production rate and longer life.
3. Easy operation. If the spherical core is abrasion. Change the spherical core, then it will a new mould. Save cost.
4. The grinding ball has good surface and no imperfection. It is the best choice to take the place of sand box mould.
Manufacturing and machining
It is used in the manufacture of wear-resistant grinding media ball.
Using instruction
1. Heating: it should be heated before using. When temperature is around 200-300 degrees, the mold can be casted.
2. Building: after heating, the upper and lower molds should be pour with sand (Noted :Jiangxi sand is the best). A hole is need in middle of sand mold with a tube as the inlet of molten iron after the upper mold finished.
3. Paint: after the sand-mold finished, the ball bowl(ball core) should be protected with acetylene through spay smoke (Note: It need protected after sand mold finished every time)
4. Casting: the mold should be closed after protecting. And immit the molten iron through the inlet pipe unit full.
5. Open mold: we should open the mold with two round bars respectively insert the holes on it, and get the balls out. Then re-mold and re-cast.
6. Sand ratio: 100kg sand equipped with 20kg clay and 8-12kg water glass, and the put them into milling machines to crush down.
Our Services
1. We can customize according to your needs.
2. Technical support will be provided if needed.
3. Overseas service
Delivery and packing
Fumigation wooden case / nude packing / pallet
Company Information
Ningguo Sifang steel ball mold & equipment Co., Ltd.was established in August 2003, located in the largest wear -resistant materials production base — Anhui Ningguo,known as «the capital of wearresistant castings of China». The company integrates development, manufacture and sale together. Mainly products: grinding ball series equipment, automatic heat treatment equipment, automatic quenching production line, automatic casting grinding ball production line, ball molds etc.. Various products and excellent quality enable the company has been grant «Keep contract regard credit» units, «Honest and credit» units, «Private technology enterprises in Anhui Province», «Hightech enterprises in Anhui Province», «Anhui Province civilization integrity of private enterprises» and some other awards. NingguoSifang Steel Ball Mold & Equipment is also the member of Chinese Wea Foundry Association …
In July 2012, due to the development of the company, establishing Ningguo Taishun Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. at the National Economic and Technological Development Zone.
1Q. We have never use such kind of mold, we do not know how to better use of them, could you please help you?
A. Absolutely yes! Our company has been for this industrial for many years with rich experience in manufacturing grinding steel balls. We can send skilled operator to train your workers for 1-3 month. Until now such kind of cooperation we have done with clients from Mongolia & Uzbekistan…
2Q. In our country, manufacturing grinding balls ( steel balls) has a great market, but we are know little about its process. We are wondering whether you can provide us all set of technical support?
A. As a successful manufacturer, we devote ourselves to help all who is confused or puzzled about the producing grinding balls without any paid. No obligation quotation is welcomed.
3Q. There are many kinds of molds to produce grinding ba

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