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Cheap Embedded Antennas

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Internal PCB Antenna 3dBi 868MHz Embedded Antenna
This printed circuit board (PCB) antenna with 3dBi gain 868 MHz frequency for ISM/SCADA/Utilities, IoT/NB-IoT/LoRa applications. It has 20x85mm size PCBboard Dimension and 75mm length RG1.13 cable direct mount to the device which need to transfer the signal.
Stable and reliable in performances
PCB antenna has excellent sensitivity to consistently provide high signal reception efficiency
Compact size
RoHS compliance

The C&T RF antennas Inc’ embedded antenna attaches directly to the PCB and is hidden inside the product case. They’re a good fit for applications where concerns about size, appearance, security or environmental issues make an external antenna impractical.
Internal PCB Antenna 3dBi 868MHz Embedded AntennaElectrical Specifications
RF Antenna TypeEmbedded PCB Antenna
Frequency Center868MHz
Impedance50 Ω
PolarizationVertical Polarization
Cable TypeRG1.13
Cable Length75mm
Lightning ProtectionDC-Ground
Mechanical Specifications
PCB Board Dimension20*85mm
WeightApprox. 5g
MaterialFPCB + RG Cable + U.FL connector
Operation Temperature- 40 ˚C ~ + 65 ˚C
Storage Temperature- 40 ˚C ~ + 70 ˚C
Antenna DesignDipole Array
Safety Emission and otherRoHS Compliant
ApplicationsISM/SCADA/Utilities, IoT/NB-IoT/LoRa
As consumers clamor for the latest and greatest in wireless, it’s fueling a need for PCB antennas that can be easily mounted inside wireless communications products.

These printed circuit board (PCB) antennas are perfect for high-performance optimized antennas in a small package. These antennas are great for expanding your wireless network and improving your broadcasting or receiving stations. C&T RF Antennas Inc has over 300 custom designed Printed Circuit Board Antennas in its library. Custom Design and Testing Services are available. Custom Work on Wireless, Bluetooth, EMI, ECM, RFID Antennas, Counter Surveillance, UWB, and others.

Turn to C&T RF Antennas Inc’s complete portfolio of RF antenna components for solutions that are robust, compact and offer a high degree of linearity. Facing cost pressure but still need high performance? The C&T RF Antennas Inc offers the best cost-performance ratio out there. In particular, our switches and cross switches let you enjoy a higher degree of design flexibility, resulting in a better trade-off between antenna performance and size.

Design Expertise
C&T RF Antennas Inc’s highly experienced team will work directly with you to evaluate antenna characteristics and performance factors critical to developing the optimal antenna solution, including frequency band, gain and pattern shaping, radiation efficiency, and required form factors. C&T RF Antennas Inc has experience designing, testing and manufacturing antennas from low band VHF frequencies to over 10 GHz.

Whether your requirement is on Land, Sea, Air or Space, Base Station, GPS, Microwave, Small Cell, Automotive or Marine we have you covered. We are always updating our technology offerings, please contact us to get the most current information.

After decades of design engineering and OEM manufacturing experience, C&T RF Antennas Inc’s superior design, RF engineering, and testing practices have set the standard for high performance and reliability.

The C&T RF antennas Inc’s embedded/internal antennas are designed to directly integrate into devices requiring wireless capability. By embedding these antennas directly into a device, the need for external antennas is eliminated. These highly efficient low profile FPC/ PCB-based antenna solutions are ideal for embedded applications requiring integration flexibility.

In addition to our standard embedded antenna offerings, The C&T RF antennas Inc engineering can also custom design embedded antenna solutions to meet specific customer applications.
Cheap Embedded Antennas

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