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Nylon Thread manufacturers

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  • Добавлено: 28.06.2019 09:13
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heavy duty nylon thread
1.product presentation
Heavy duty nylon thread has sufficient elongation and resilience.It is very close and firm, with a fracture elongation of 25-30%.It is very resilient, and when the nylon thread is stretched to 4-6%, it can bounce back 100% to its original length.It can be used for sewing fabrics with elastic fabrics such as sofas.We are a factory with 30 old brands.We value tension, twist, color accuracy and color fastness detection.We have a strict control over the quality of our products.Our silicone wax reaches 5% to 15% to ensure the performance of the thread. We have our own dyeing factory.Integration of production and dyeing.We produce a lot of products every day, and the delivery time is punctual and reliable.
2.The advantages of our factory.
(1)We are close to Shanghai port and ningbo port, so it is convenient and fast to deliver goods.
(2)We are the manufacturer, the direct selling in the factory, for you directly to provide the high quality service.On the premise of high quality, price and delivery time are our biggest advantages.
3.We use the most advanced production equipment in China, we have young team and innovative management concept.We will provide 24-hour service for all customers.The quality of our products is guaranteed for one year.
4.We have the experience of long-term cooperation with overseas companies, our products are sold to various countries, and we have received the unanimous praise and trust from our customers.
What’s the advantage for cooperating with you?
We are a factory with sustained development. You can get stable quality source.
We have many kind of thread, we have our own dyeing factories to provide more services for customers.
what’s the quality of your goods?
After 18 years producing experience, we use the best twisting equipment in China to produce 3kg’s high-strength thread and knotless thread.
Our workers are diligent, careful and responsible for product quality.Nylon Thread manufacturers

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