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Piston Ring For Diesel Generator Spare Parts factory

  • Категория проекта: Новое предприятие
  • Стадия реализации: Идея бизнеса
  • Телефон контактный: +7 (324) 234-24-24
  • Страна: Армения
  • Добавлено: 21.10.2019 04:34
  • Истекает: 140 дней, 13 часов

Our History
Our company Established in 1997 our enterprise has been certified by the ISO/TS16949:2009 international quality management system. In 2003,the» ANERDA » piston ring was named the best known product in the Jiangsu market and “AED” piston ring was a well-known trademark It was also recognized as a “Chinese product of high quality” in 2004. The year after, our enterprise was judged to be “one of the best-known enterprises in Jiangsu province” and “a Jiangsu high quality enterprise.” In addition, our integrity has been rated AAA in Wuxi. Now identified as part of a “famous Wuxi trademark,”In 2007 the ANERDA piston ring has become a famous product in Wuxi. In 2009, our enterprise was also named a “star enterprise in Jiangsu” and a “Famous Jiangsu Brand”In 2011 Independent R & D high wear resist antpiston ring was awarded the «high tech products in Jiang su Province» In 2013 was awarded the private technology enter prisesin Jiangsu Province»and“Jiangsu Province High tech SMEs”,we has Wuxi municipal engineering and technology research center.
Our Factory
Our company professional manufacturer of piston rings and OEM supplier.we Using advanced international technology and state-of-the-art equipment,We have some Patent for invention various products in this field. We had more then 100 workers and Our company offers its products in markets all over the world, from southeast Asia to Europe and America. Domestic sales, export, model species, Complete.
Our Certificate
Our Product
Our company specializes in producing mini-cars, motorcycles, universal gasoline engines, automotive air conditioning compressor piston rings, sealing rings and sealing ring overlaps, as well as various non-standard piston rings.
Product Application
Mini-cars, motorcycles,Generator engines,Dieselengines,Outboardengines,gasoline engines,Garden machinery engine automotive air conditioning compressoretc.
Production Market
Our company offers its products in markets all over the world, from southeastAsia to Europe and America. Domestic sales, export, model species, Complete.Piston Ring For Diesel Generator Spare Parts factory

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