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Power Window Lube factory

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  • Телефон контактный: +7 (543) 543-53-45
  • Страна: Армения
  • Добавлено: 07.11.2019 04:08
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Our History
Airwor Industrial Co.,Ltd was founded in 1995 located in Linyi ,Shandong Province, covers 65500m2.Now we are one of the largest aerosol product manfacturer in China .
Our Factory
The factory is made up with Tin Plate Printing & Can Mak Departments and Aerosol Filling
Departments , which have a total of 336 employees .Now we have 7 separate modern workshops equipped with 36 filling lines with output 120’000’000 pcs aerosol products.
Our Product
Personal Care銆丠ousehold Care銆両nsecticide Killer Spray 銆丆ar care銆丳olyurethane Foam Spray銆?Spray paint.
Product Application
There are 7 professional files with total 200 kinds of products , such as
1銆丳ersonal Care (ShavingFoam , Shaving Gel , Body Spray , Hair Spray , Hair Mousse , Dry Shampoo Spray ,Deodorant Spray , Foot Powder Spray)
2銆丠ousehold Care(AirFreshener , Carpet Cleaner , Furniture Polish , Bathroom Cleaner , Oven Cleaner , Glass Cleaner , Bowl Cleaner , Spray Starch)
3銆両nsecticide Killer Spray (300ml Aerosol Insecticide Killer Spray , 450ml Aerosol Insecticide Killer Spray , 600ml Aerosol Insecticide Killer Spray )
4銆丆ar care(Carb Cleaner Spray , Multi-Pupose Foam Cleaner, Pitch Cleaner , Bug & Tar Remover , Tire Shine Foam , Stickers Remover , Brake & Parts Cleaner , De-icer spray , Anti-rust Lubrication Spray )
5銆丳olyurethane Foam Spray (B2 Class Pu Foam Spray , High Quality Pu Foam Spray , Winter Special Pu Foam Spray , Mid range Pu Foam Spray , Economical Pu Foam Spray )
6銆?Spray paint (Colorful Spray paint , Gold Effect Spray Paint , Chrome Effect Spray Paint , Galvanized Compound Spray Paint Paint Remover)
7銆丱ther Aerosol Products (Air Duster , Rapid Relief Spray , Waterproof SprayAnti static Spray , Anti rust Spray and other spray products. )
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
We eastablished our Tin Plate printing & can making factory in 2000year , now equipped 16 lines for printing and 10 automatic lines for can making with annual output 300’000’000 pcs empty can to all over the world .
We built our Laboratory and Technical Center in 2012, there are 54 quality insectoes work here whom equipped with UHPLC,GC,TOC Detector , Microbiogy lab,UV-VIS,Yashilin andother advanced equipments. In the same year we built our first GMP workshop for shaving foam,shaving gel, boday spray,and other cosmetic products.Power Window Lube factory

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