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China Components Of Suspended Platform manufacturers

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As professional manufacturer, Wuxi CHI Group Suspended Platform Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. only produce suspended platform with CHI brand. Professional producing lines and technical team can supply you the best products and after-sales service.
To confirm the quality of goods, we choose the best material, some spare parts of hosit and safety lock we cast our brand.
With the unique design of wire rope clamping alarm device , it reduce the damage of hoist . When the wire rope is clamped , the alarm device rings, the hoist stops working.The important components of hoist ,the warranty is 5~6 years, such as gear.
All the spare parts are produced by ourselves, no matter how long you have purchased, even if it has been10~20 years,the spare parts will be supplied in time . we are mufacturer , not like some factories that purchase the components from other factories, and then install in their own factory.
Technical Parameters
Rated lifting capacity5.0KN6.3KN8KN8KN
Lifting Speed9.0m/min9.3m/min8.3卤0.5m/min8.3卤0.5m/min
Motor Power0.7Kw1.5Kw2.2Kw1.8Kw
Wire Rope Diameter桅8.3mm桅8.3mm桅8.6mm桅8.6mm
* Highly efficient hoist is more cost-effective than a crane, forklift or boom truck.
* Brake rope design allows for ‘feathering’ of brake, resulting in a smooth, controlled descent of platform.
* 33 % larger cable drum diameter prolongs wire rope life.
* Entire hoist is lightweight and easy to transport.
* Simple operation
* Safe and reliable
* Large variety of accessories available.China Components Of Suspended Platform manufacturers

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