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China Sink Bottom Polishing Machine

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  • Телефон контактный: +7 (343) 423-42-34
  • Страна: Армения
  • Добавлено: 06.11.2019 10:40
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◆Our History
Foshan Keliwei Machinery Manufacturing Group was found in 1988.With more than 20 years of manufacturing sink polishing machines and pressing machines experience,Keliwei builds business relationship with a lot of prestigious sink manufacturers.Foshan Keliwei established three business department in 2010,KLW is the brand for pressing machines,Aosvo for polishing and welding machines and Rongdongsheng for annealer.In 2012,sales center was found in Renhe Town,where is only 10 minutes drive from the Guangzhou International Airport,to serve more foreign customers.
◆Our Factory
Foshan Keliwei Machinery Manufacturing Group consists of three large factories for manufacturing different machines,one of which is KLW factory,one of which is Rongdongsheng factory and the other is Aosvo factory.
KLW factory,which locates in Nanhai District,Foshan and covers an area of more than 7000 square meters,produces hydraulic press machines for stainless steel sinks and other metal products.KLW hydraulic press machines are very popular in stainless steel industries which produce scoops,pots,plates etc.
Rongdongsheng factory,which locates in Foshan and acquired certifications from ISO and Alibaba,manufactures bright annealing furnace,brazing furnace,box furnace and so on.
Aosvo factory,which locates in Wuxiang Town,Ningbo and covers an area of more than 8000 square meters,makes stainless steel sink polishing,welding and grinding machines.
◆Our Product
1.Hydraulic Press Machine
2.Stainless Steel Sink Polishing Machine
3.Stainless Steel Sink Grinding Machine
4.Stainless Steel Sink Welding Machine
5.Stainless Steel Sink Mould
◆Product Application
1.Stainless Steel Sink
2.Stainless Steel Bowl
3.Stainless Steel Pot
◆Our Certificate
Double-bowl Sink Bottom Sanding Machine Design and Appearance Patent
◆Production Equipment
1.CNC Grinder
2.CNC Lathe
3.CNC milling Machine
4.CNC Bending Machine
5.CNC Plate Shearing Machine
◆Production Market
Our machines have been sold to India, Iran, Vietnam, Egypt, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil, Pakistan etc.The annual revenue of oversea exceed two million dollars.
◆Our service
Before-sales Service:
1.Send pictures and videos of required machines by email,wechat,whatsapp etc.
2.Arrange accommodation and transportation for foreign customers
Sales Service:
1.Introduce structures,materials,functions and usages of different machines.
2.Present procedures of how press machines fix shapes,polishing machines brighten surface and tough mould would be etc.
After-sales Service:
1.Engineers would be sent to customers’ factories to test machines and teach usages
At least one-year guarantee providedChina Sink Bottom Polishing Machine

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