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Cordless Tig Welder

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  • Добавлено: 17.07.2019 03:42
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This is a highly innovative lithium battery welder. This welder can use 3.2mm, 2.5mm welding rod. The lithium battery welder is safe and reliable, the lithium battery technology is mature and stable, the welding performance is excellent, the market feedback is very good. Will gradually replace the market segment of fuel-fired power welders, bringing more convenience to people.
Lithium battery welder is environmentally friendly and non-polluting, light in weight and easy to carry. Lithium battery welder machine can be used for field welding, mountain operation, high-altitude maintenance, emergency rescue, etc. It provides users with convenient welding power whenever and wherever.
Technical Parameters
Product Show
1) Lithium battery welder is born specifically for welding market in the absence of AC power supply, and it can be easily operated with high efficiency.
2) Good user experience, ergonomic handle design as well as professional design of weight-bearing strap for easy carrying and transportation;
3) Battery pack has protection functions and is waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and durable;
4) More professional and high-end front and rear plastic panels, all-metal housing and heat exchange design in line with air convection, making the product safer and more reliable.
Technical Advantage
1) LK POWER focuses on power lithium battery management and research and application development of its system integration.
2) The lithium battery integration adheres to the concept of innovative design, safe application and high-end manufacturing.
3) The quality coherent battery cells of high-end brands such as Samsung and LG are used, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of the products.
4) The company boasts strong R&D strength, complete reliability theory system and mathematical model, and the core technology of analysis and countermeasures for any accident of high-voltage, large-capacity and high-power battery pack.
5) The lithium battery welder has a number of international and national patented technologies.
Our Factory
Our Exhibition
Patents and Certificates
Packaging and Transportation
Our Service
Please contact us for more product details and shipping information. We can answer detailed questions about welding and power battery, quickly understand your needs and help you save more money and time.
We started scheduling production after we received the payment.
Check all products (each product) and test 100% by our experienced workers.
Our sales staff will send you a photo or video to confirm before shipping.
The customer pays the balance and we arrange the delivery.
When the goods arrive at the buyer’s destination, send a message to the customer.
Customers send feedback about our quality and service.Cordless Tig Welder

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