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Loader Machine manufacturers

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The gantry loading machine is mainly suitable for plate-type workpieces such as calcium silicate board, cement fiber board and furniture board. In order to reduce labor, automatic feeding is required when supporting the connection work.

Machine configuration
1. PLC/inverter, Chint low-voltage electric original, control electric box with three-color warning light, touch screen operation.

2. The lifting and translation parts are driven by RV series geared motor, and the lifting system has brake function.

3. The pneumatic control part adopts the BDN original, the vacuum system adopts the refined vacuum pump, and is equipped with the SMC digital pressure switch.

4. It is widely used for automatic feeding or blanking of sheet metal. Vacuum suction cup is used together with vacuum pump to realize adsorption of sheet; up and down movement and left and right movement are controlled by frequency conversion, and the gear rack is matched with linear guide rail to accurately and stably transmit.

5. Put the products one by one from the line body to the pallet one by one, and place them in a smashing position to work with a certain beat to meet the production requirements.

6. Two rows of 100mm diameter HYTC suction cups are arranged, and the number of single rows is five.

7. The gantry loading machine includes 1 feeding machine, 1 set 7.5 m ground roller and 1 set 2.5 m center conveyor.
Loader Machine manufacturers

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