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Recycled Plastic Sheet

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  • Добавлено: 02.01.2020 05:25
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About Us
Anyang Wending Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a professional new material company with engineering plastic products as the leading part and wear-resisting composite products as the supporting part.The company has the first-class research and development center and the specialized production base, has a batch of experienced high-tech production management personnel, is one of the leading enterprises in the Chinese engineering plastics industry.

The mainly products of the company include ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene sheet , UHMWPE synthetic ice rink sheet, PE chopping board,HDPE sheet,Outrigger pad ,Ground protection mat, plastic belt conveyor roller.PE parts and so on .Products have the excellent performance of impact resistant, high wear-resistant,low friction,corrosion absorbent, antistatic, UV resistance and so on.
UHMWPE (Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) sheet intergrated the advantages of all plastic like anti-shock, high wear resistance, low water absorption, self-lubrication, corrosion resistance, and can also have antistatic, anti-UV, flame retardant and other characteristics after modification. Cause of these outstanding advantages, UHMWPE Products are widely used in the steel industry, coal industry, mining, transportation, electricity, ports, paper, food, chemicals, textiles and other fields.
We have strong economic and technological strength; our products have been well received worldwide because of our first class products and first class after-sales service. We have established long stable relationships with many famous universities and science and technology institutes in Shanghai and Beijing so that we can always improve our products and meet the demands of many customers.
Our ProductsRecycled Plastic Sheet

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