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Wholesale Capsule Counting Machine

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  • Добавлено: 08.04.2021 09:55
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Easy Operation and Maintenance.
Application: widely used for counting and filling of capsules, pill, tablets.
Mode No:CDR-3A
Size of tabletThe diameter is not more than 20mm
Size of capsules000 to 5
Size of bottles15-500ML
Voltage110-220V 50HZ-60HZ
Net Weight65kg
Production Capacity1000-2000 capsules per minute
a. The number of capsules counted can be set up among 0~9999.
b. Material: Stainless steel material for whole body in accordant with GMP specification.
c. Easy to operate and no special training required.
d. Precision pellet count with special electrical eye protection device.
e. Rotary counting design with fast and smooth operation.
f. The rotary pellet counting speed can be adjusted with automatic speed regulation according to the bottle putting speed manually.
g. The interior of the machine is equipped with dust cleaner to avoid the dust effect on the machine.
h. Vibration feeding design, the vibration frequency of the pellet hopper can be adjusted with automatic speed regulation based on the needs of the pellet carried.
Product details:
Package & Delivery
Package: one set of machine packed into poly-wooden case.
Delivery: via courier or by air or by sea as you require.Wholesale Capsule Counting Machine

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