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Pool Cover Anchor Install Sets suppliers

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  • Страна: Азербайджан
  • Добавлено: 02.01.2020 05:23
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Our History
Established on 2005, JWG has been in the line of manufacturing of various precision casting parts, machining parts, turned parts and screwed parts, stamping parts, etc., which are of the material steel (1020, 1045 etc), brass ( Hpb 58, Hpb 59, C360, C377, etc), bronze, stainless steel(303, 304, 316 etc), aluminum(6061 T6, etc), and various parts of plastics injection for industrial and consumptive purpose, for more than 13 years. And have exported many products as our customers’ samples or shop drawings or blue prints to Germany, Italy, UK, Belgium, French, Spain and USA, Israel etc. since 2005. It farthest strengthen the competition of their products in the market.
Our Product
Valve stem & valve seat; drain system parts, bracket or wall hook for fire extinguisher, valve for fire extinguisher, thermometer connector, all kinds of precision shaft.
Product Application
In plumbing system, In firefighting equipment industry, automobile industry, hardware and precision parts for textile machinery and for food machinery industry, fastener for Marine and Mining Industries, precision parts for medical apparatus鈥?nbsp;
Production Equipment
CNC machine, Machine center, Special machine
Our Service
We guarantee all of our products to go through strict quality control and rigorous testing before being delivered to our customer. Together with production, we supply a series of documents, such as material test report, material certification per each delivery to guarantee the correct materials are used and physical and chemical character reach.Pool Cover Anchor Install Sets suppliers

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